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The 17O chemical shifts of the Gly-2 and Gly-3 oxygens of a fully protected Leu-enkephalin were measured to be identical in acetone solution. This allows the conclusion that neither of these peptide oxygens is hydrogen bonded and that no specific 2 ← 5 β-turn structure exists to an appreciable extent. An efficient machine-oriented representation for security labels is described, along with the means of converting between this and a wide variety of human readable, textual formats. The technique is used in the SWORD secure DBMS to support multilingual applications. Examples show that the UK, US and Canadian marking schemes can be supported. The index of differential-algebraic equations is one measure for the numerical problems in electric circuit simulation. The index depends on the mathematical model in different ways: setup of equations, classical or charge-oriented formulation and modelling of basic elements and semiconductor devices. The modelling of Beats By Dr Dre Vancouver MOS transistor Cheap Beats Headphones circuits will show this in more detail. Some inequalities for the numerical radius, the operator norm and the maximum of the real part of bounded linear operators in Hilbert spaces, under suitable assumptions for the involved operator, are given.