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Cheap Beats For Sale between ε and η In this issue

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The linear group trinomial provides a mnemonic device for the recently discovered permutation polynomials of Müller, Cohen, and Matthews, whereas the symplectic group equation generalizes them, thereby giving rise to strong genus zero coverings for characteristic two. A highly efficient method for the macrolactonization of seco-acids is described. Seco-acids are converted into stable enolesters 3 by the acetylene 1, which are cyclized under proton or Lewis acid catalysis. This new method has been successfully applied to the lactonization of the 7-epi-brefeldin A seco-acids 8a,b. We study the behavior of the solution to the non-stationary Stokes equations in a porous medium with characteristic size of the pores ε   and containing a thin fissure {0⩽xn⩽η}{0⩽xn⩽η} of width η. The limit when ε and η tend to zero gives the homogenized behavior of the flow, which depends on the comparison between ε and η. In this issue of Cheap Beats For Sale Neuron, Priebe and Ferster describe the direction selectivity and spatiotemporal organization of excitatory and inhibitory inputs to Monster Beats Headphones Canada direction-selective simple cells in cat visual cortex. Their most surprising finding is that inhibition shows the same preferred direction as excitation.